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Trail Run–Little Presque to Wetmore Landing

August 27, 2011 Leave a comment

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Trail Run–Little Presque to Wetmore

The trail held a couple of surprises today!

Today, I attended Farmer’s Market and picked up veggies for the week. I had intended for today to be a rest day, physically. I had “land” physical therapy on Thursday and Friday I had a “pool.” Yesterday I had a migraine headache. Cooler day, slower Saturday good for nourishing the body. But the cooler temps enticed me o the trails. I chose a lakeside run on trail.

Parking at Little Song Bird just off County Road 550 allows me a slow warm-up as I head toward Little Presque parking lot. My knee was taped for stability and a quick walk informs my body where my knee “is” for the run. I decided a nice slow pace with stops for photos would be appropriate but I also wanted to challenge my status with this injury? Just how was my strengthening going? So I took the trail toward Wetmore which is complete with two staircases, and many roots.

The surprises. White Chairs along the side of the path. Musicians with instruments. A whole wedding!

We are blessed with this beautiful land, the Great Lake of Superior, and love!

Also, I’m blessed with a great physical therapy team that is helping my knee stability!

For more on this section of trail visit:


Marquette Trail Running Series–Race 3

June 30, 2011 Leave a comment

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This was the third run in the Marquette Trail Running series and I came in about where I expected (last, kinda) with a time of 1:05.11 on a 4.9 course complete with rocks, hills, roots, and sharp turns. You had to keep your eyes out for the red flags and pink tape, some people were in runner daydream-land and became a bit misdirected. I did well at staying with the course. I had never been on the trails that made up the course. The course was fun, beautiful and challenging. I started the run slow, labored breathing with the humidity, but once my breathing became fluid I did much better. But 6pm runs are hard on me. I just don’t seem to have the legs I need for the consistency I want. Suggestions?

In the raffle, I won some great swag! A Nathan Hydration Quickdraw Plus. I will write a review after I take it out for a run.

The photos are not as clear as my norm, my camera was a little wet and I was more rushed trying for a good time on the run. They appear in no particular order. I hope they give you an idea of what the run was like.


Wild Runs

June 16, 2011 Leave a comment

I love trail running, this photo was taken on the North Country Trail at Lil’ Presque. I ran up and down this particular section at varying speeds to work on my technical abilities with roots. I had a blast!

I’m finding my place among the pines again, growing and healing. I’m reaching for the sunshine. Training for that 10K in August! Lil’ Presque and songbird is one of my fave places to run. A mix of mossy root filled trails, sand, beach, and more. I feel complete after a workout here.

May the Fourth be with YOU!

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The quote of the day came from this morning’s meeting, “May the Fourth be with you!” It was funny. And for be very appropriate as my running mantra today. I headed to Presque Isle ran for 36 minutes and hiked for 30 minutes.

In Training

On the way home from work...

In training

To be in training and working over 40-hours-a-week means making concessions and finding training-time or cross-training time that might not be most optimum, but keeps you moving. This photo was taken on my way home from work (on a day that ought to have been and off-work-day and full-training-day).

Today, I managed 3.75 miles to work in 36-degree temps with wind and snow flurries, and 5.5 miles going home on a less hilly and less chilly ride at 45 degrees with peeks of blue skies.

Yesterday, I registered for the Tahqua 10K Trail Run in August 13, 2011. It will be my first 10K in nearly two years.