Running at Tahqua

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Later this week I will have photos to post and a synopsis of the event. But here are my results.

Date: 8/13/2011 8:30 AM
Type: Race
Distance: 10 kilometers
Duration: 1:19:37.06
Pace: 12:49 / mile
Weight: 146 lb
Misc: Quality: 8/10, Effort: 8/10
Age group: 40 – 49
Group Placement: 5 / 10 (50%)
Gender Placement: 23 / 40 (57.5%)
Weather: 68° F, Rain
Event URL:
Statistics: Calories: 686
VO2 Max: 23

Against the Wind

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Started my new Physical Therapy today and was sent out to the trails with taping strategies for my ongoing issues. There is a race this weekend a 10K trail run at Tahquamenon Falls and I’ve been resting my hip, IT Band and knee. Today I was evaluated and we worked on Vastus Medialis strength and then a bit on the treadmill. I was taped up and told to test it out. I headed to the Marquette Fit Strip and 10 minutes into a successful run–WIPE OUT! I hit a rock with the toes on my right foot and I went sailing, hit the ground and slid. I banged up my left side and my right (already involved knee). Fun, eh? I shook it off, walked 2 minutes and ran another 5 minutes. I feel okay-ish but raw on the left side. On top of it all I still get to work 8 hours today.

Don’t be a distracted trail runner no matter how green the forest looks watch for rocks and roots 🙂

Harlow Lake Trail Run

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The run tonight was awesome, considering I ran it while rehabbing an injury. Tonight’s run went better than my last, which ended with terrible pain. That run was a little over a week ao on the Marquette Fit Strip and I could not crank out two miles.

Tonight, I ran 3.4 miles tonight on trail. It was race #5 at Harlow Lake as part of the Marquette Trail Run series. Gosh it felt good! I had been Jonesing for endorphins. I even had goose bumps after the run. My time wasn’t so hot, though. And I happily took last place in the short course.

Until tonight, I was third in the point standings, not sure where tonight’s results will have me.

Tomorrow I meet with an Orthopedic Doctor. I am building a healing team. (Again.)

Kid at Heart

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"Kid at Heart" Photo by Mike Hainstock

Walked the beach tonight for knee therapy. Dragging feet thru the sand to stretch out foot, ankle, shin. Bury feet in sand and turn foot to10 o’clock and 2 o’clock to stretch up to knee. Run backward at beach edge. Run forward. Tai Chi on Rocks. Mike’s photo shows how my therapy works on my soul 🙂

I have an upslip of my SI joint that is causing ITBS and knee pain.

Today’s PT included traction, ultrasound and a “dex” patch on the knee.


Big Brothers, Big Sisters 10K

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Big Brothers Big Sisters Pioneer Days Run/Walk
Saturday, July 9, 2011: Heritage Trail, Negaunee Mi.

•Distance: 10K
•Age group: 3th
•Overall: 44
•Time: 1:16:15
•Per K: 7:38

This was my first time competing on the Big Brothers, Big Sisters 10K race. I loved the location and the varying trail set-up. But, I was not a fan of how the trail was marked. The first time I got off trail was with 4 other women. We were at the back of the pack, perhaps there was someone standing at this tricky intersection early on? We ended up taking a turn that crossed the path (the turn meant for the return trip). We turned it around and probably lost 3 minutes. Then I got off track a second time loosing approximately 1 1/2 minutes–same general intersection. Needless to say, I was disappointed but it happens. There was also no water at the aid station! I was parched. Then at the race end there was no water and no fruit left!! I have never had this happen to me. I gave it all in the race. Where I will run the race again, as it is a good cause, I’ll be sharing feedback. Next year I’ll be prepared, just in case.

I had not run 6 miles yet this season. I’ve not run 6 miles since 2009, prior to my diagnosis. This was a triumph for me. I cannot explain how blessed I feel to have finished the race. And I belive participating in the Marquette Trail Running Series helped prep me for this race. Most of the trail runs were more technical. So, on this course of uphills, asphalt, snowmobile trails and road I finished strong!

If you run with an auto-immune disorder or Celiac Disease what do you use for post-race recovery?

Marquette Trail Running Series–Race 3

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This was the third run in the Marquette Trail Running series and I came in about where I expected (last, kinda) with a time of 1:05.11 on a 4.9 course complete with rocks, hills, roots, and sharp turns. You had to keep your eyes out for the red flags and pink tape, some people were in runner daydream-land and became a bit misdirected. I did well at staying with the course. I had never been on the trails that made up the course. The course was fun, beautiful and challenging. I started the run slow, labored breathing with the humidity, but once my breathing became fluid I did much better. But 6pm runs are hard on me. I just don’t seem to have the legs I need for the consistency I want. Suggestions?

In the raffle, I won some great swag! A Nathan Hydration Quickdraw Plus. I will write a review after I take it out for a run.

The photos are not as clear as my norm, my camera was a little wet and I was more rushed trying for a good time on the run. They appear in no particular order. I hope they give you an idea of what the run was like.


Had to push myself today…

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Today I had to pry my azz off the couch and away from the laptop. I told myself you can download two new songs for the playlist. You can have blueberries from the produce store if you run for an hour. You can _________ (fill in the blank). Oh today was sucking big time–I’ve never had to fight with myself to get out on a run. By the time I left the house it was 85 degrees! And I left the house with destination unknown. I finally decided to run Presque Isle in Marquette. I can park my car near the bathrooms and if I decide to bail half-way thru (I almost never bail), I can cut my run short as I am running loops around the island. This area offers me variety of road, trail, inner and outer loops and many things to look at like the slackliners, longboarders, and kayakers.

I called Mike as I parked letting him know the location I decided to run and how long I expected to run. There are some dangerous areas of erosion on the island and I like running on the edge of things. I had a long warm-up of 15 minutes. Ran for an hour. Cool down another 15 minute walk. I did QiGong and Yoga on the rock wall of the old Shiras Zoo.

Oh and I had a much better attitude by the time I got home.

Best part of the day hands-down was chilling on Sylvia’s Deck after taking photos in her garden.