Reviews & Sponsors

Reviews & Sponsors

Can you get behind an everyday neighborhood athlete and puuuuuuuuushhhh!?

Yes, I am 46 years-old and a grandmother who in spite of her body gets out there and competes. I love: snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, trail running, kayaking, camping, and hiking.

When you lose nearly 60 pounds in less than 1.5 years there is a lot of gear to replace, (even your backpack no longer fits). You learn a lot about nutrition. Your life is in constant flux and change.

I am a gluten-free and currently dairy and egg-free athlete.

I would love to promote your CSA farm and/or local products, too!

I can help push your products with written reviews, FaceBook and Twitter. I am a writer and photographer so that is an added plus, eh? I can place a linkable logo on the blog, too.

Perhaps you have an event you’d like promoted. If I am not running it I can take event photos and do a nice write-up. You can also submit press-releases on upcoming events and I will offer you some props.

I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan near the shores of Lake Superior . This can be a rough country with harsh winters but this land is beautiful and must be experienced full-force. We are called Yoopers here in the Extreme North, and I run in everything from 94-degree summer heat to minus-0 wind-chill.

Contact me with your requests or to just say hi! CallingtheDragonfly(at)

Kim’s Wish List

  • Video device
  • Trail shoes
  • Road Race shoes
  • Entry fees: Grand Island, Taqua Run, and others


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