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Marquette Trail 50, Volunteering

August 20, 2011 2 comments

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I volunteered at my first aid station today! I decided it was not a run weekend for me and that it was time to do my part in support of other runners. The Marquette Trail 50 is an ultra that includes a 50K and 50-mile run in Marquette County. I had 2-3 helpers thru my shift at Aide Station 2. I mixed up the HEED following directions and I brought water and ice. I arrived on site 30 minutes before my suggested time, dragged the table out of the bushes, and set up hydration and fuel.

I knew from reading blogs and mags that ultras are different but to actually watch and assist was an experience. Families and friends show up at various aid stations to support and assist their runners. The runners even have drop-bags at various aid stations. Some have nuts and dehydrated fruits, other Progressive soup in pull top cans. I watched a runner pop the top of his soup and bend the lid into a makeshift spoon.

Runners are spaced out. I noted each runners number and time as they crossed thru my station. I made sure all runners were accounted for. I was instructed to close my station at 11am due to a cut-off time.

One runner decided to drop-out of the race at aid station 2 which was 18 miles into the race. It is best not to re-injure oneself and to know your body. It is something all runners will have to balance at some point in their running careers.

The next aid station was another 4 miles away and the heat of the day was starting to show at 11am. The day had started cool but with blue skies the inland areas of the race had runners in need of hydration. I look forward to assisting again next year.